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Get an "A" in Evolution

As the traditional school year comes to an end, you should brush up on your Theory of Evolution knowledge before final exams. Read more about the basics of evolution and use the resources below to ace your evolution assignments.

Evolution Assignment Resources
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Evolution Explains Zebra Stripes

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Grazing zebras

Well, it turns out that zebras are NOT referees at the horse games as my five year old thinks. In fact, the patterns of the black and white stripes on a zebra are an evolutionary adaptation that has benefits for the animals. Several different and plausible hypotheses have been proposed for the reason behind the stripes ever since Darwin first came on the scene. Even he puzzled over the significance of the stripes. Over the years, different scientists have suggested the stripes could either be to help camouflage the zebras or confuse predators. Other ideas were to lower body temperature, repel insects, or to help them socialize with one another.

A new study, done by Tim Caro and his team from the University of California, Davis, pitted all of these hypotheses against each other and studied the statistics and data gathered. Remarkably, the statistical analysis showed over and over again that the most likely explanation for the stripes was to keep flies from biting the zebras. Although the statistical research is sound, many scientists are careful about declaring that hypothesis the winner until more specific research can be done.

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Photo by Peter Maas

Evolution Basics - More Natural Selection Misconceptions

Monday April 21, 2014

Types of Natural Selection

Perhaps the most central concept to the Theory of Evolution is the idea of Natural Selection. Last week, we explored some misconceptions about Natural Selection. Well, surprise! There are even MORE misconceptions about Natural Selection. It is extremely important to know how to fight these misconceptions to help others understand and accept evolutionary theory. Learn about these misconceptions and how to dispel the myths surrounding them.

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5 More Misconceptions About Natural Selection

Cosmos Episode 7 Recap

Sunday April 20, 2014

Cosmos Logo

Tonight's Cosmos episode managed to connect the search for the age of the Earth with one of the most important public health debates in history. What's the connection? Well, if you missed the episode on this holiday Sunday, never fear! I've got you covered with my usual weekly recap where you can find out just how these two events are related:

Cosmos Episode 7 Recap

Fun Fact Friday - HOAX!

Friday April 18, 2014

Piltdown Man

In 1912, a group of men put together pieces of skulls from an ancient chimpanzee and a human and claimed they found the "missing link". It took about 40 years to fully discredit their hoax.

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Piltdown Man

Photo by The Gutenberg Project

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